Write An Erotric Story Competition

Write An Erotric Story Competition

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Submission policy

Stories accepted for publication on JoannaG.com will be credited to their respective authors. The author will retain all rights to the piece, including copyright. JoannaG.com editors reserve the right to make editorial decisions and changes regarding the material (i.e. grammar and spelling corrections, shortened passages for the sake of length or clarity etc.), without confirmation from the author prior to publication.

If after the story is posted, the author requires corrections, JoannaG.com will be glad to accomodate.

If the requested changes alter the tone, intent or focus of the original piece, the corrected item will be considered a new story and a new decision will be made regarding its publication on JoannaG.com.

By submitting a story to JoannaG.com, you certify the following stipulations to be true:

1. You are the sole creator of the submission.

2. You are 18 years of age or older and legally able to write, submit and read erotic or pornographic material.

3. You grant JoannaG.com the right to publish your submission. JoannaG.com reserves the right to remove a story at anytime and without notice if factual inaccuracies are discovered.

How to submit

Email your submission to sales@pacificlingerie.com

In your email, please include your full name, address and telephone contact details. Pen names can be published with your story, however your full name must be supplied with your submission.

We prefer Word or RTF attachements (PC platform), but will accept almost any compatible document form we can open, including text of email messages. You may submit in .doc, .gif, .pdf or .png format.

Please note, we cannot open .wps or .bin files.

Simultaneous submissions

Are accepted, however, please send one submission per email.


If your work is accepted, you will receive an email to the address you provide. The work that is accepted remains part of Joanna G's online archive system for readers to access in the future. We are granted first electronic publishing rights.

All other rights revert to the writer after publication.


Submission should be 5 000 words or shorter.

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